Fruits without a tree

There’s a lot of business, media, self-help professionals in the world. We can call them “secular prophets”. They speak of ways to live life in a “troubled world” with “unprecedented happenings” whether it’s pre/post-COVID. There is, in general, one path these prophets take: wanting the Fruits of the Spirit without the Spirit. They preach what Jesus preaches without mentioning him. They want the ways of God without God, the fruit without a tree.

What these prophets say is important and true but they leave out the source. And without that source what they say falls short. There is still division among the people, pride of who is in charge, no cooperation. It is artificial fruit because it doesn’t come from a tree. It tastes similar but the nutrients are missing.

Humans are more than the sum total of their projects accomplished. Running an infinite game may be a good mindset but not thinking there is infinite growth when there’s finite resources.

What we can do is take the expounded ideas and graft them into the tree to bring them to fruition.


(This isn’t about medically diagnosed depression or other psychological issues. Although, it could be for some. Seek professional help.)

Are people sad or so addicted to trying to be happy or fear of sadness that they don’t know it’s OK to be sad? And that there can be a happiness in being sad. There’s such an addiction to being happy it’s sickening in itself. Hearing people talk about topics of their life, like relationships, there’s usually the friend that says “Yes, but are you happy?”. As if the answer to that makes it OK that your life is a train wreck morally. Or that he only hits you once a week which is less than the last guy.

More on AI

When I was a child I really wanted a computer I could talk to and HAL was the model that would extend through my life. Not the “evil” HAL but a computer that would help find solutions to everyday problems, run the house, play games, and, dare I say it, be a friend. During childhood I was also promised that we’d all have robots. They would do house cleaning, take care of boring tasks, plays games, and keep people company.

ChatGPT now has sight, hearing, and can talk. It’s nothing like HAL but it’s a start. But…all I see now is a surveillance device. Once again, it’s all about money. It’s about the power over other people. It’s all about how the technology is used. Or in HAL’s case, how trust is abused.

And where are those robots I was promised?

Clothes shopping

There’s not many things that are more exhausting than clothes shopping. Or should it be called clothes hunting? Because actually finding something, whether in the real world or online, is difficult.

But perhaps you’ve found something that looks good. You try on the clothing and it fails to fit. You may know your size because you’ve taken your measurements or you know the size based on what you own, but that doesn’t matter. The size is going to be subjective based on variables like country of origin, company, material, designer, and perhaps mood of the label maker. And don’t forget dryer shrinkage.

If you’re in the changing room, no problem, put it on the stack of other people’s failures so someone can put it back on the rack. Or box it up with a return label. Shipping maybe free or cost $7 depending on the return policy that you have to review for every site you visit. Too many returns you might get cancelled by the company and not allowed to make returns or shop there.

How can it be this difficult? The world has treaties and agreements for so many standardized areas like radio frequencies and shipping lanes. Why not clothing sizes?

Hero worship and mentors

So many questions when looking at heroes (and mentors) as people we admire. People with superpower(s) like charity, compassion, getting things done for others, and other accomplishments. Seeing people for who they are rather than what they can do on the court or the field or in the studio. Those “doings” are important but heroes should be heroes for who they are as a human being. Looking at it that way are there heroes?

Dear diary

New record high. Reach 137F (58C) today. Cried a lot, missing my family. Wondering why they are gone. About 2 billion died in the last 3 years. So thirsty. So tired. I want to be with them. I love them.

1 September 2035