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I prefer to listen than talk.

This journal is for thoughts based on observation and discovery. I do not see myself as an expert or teacher but a student. If you’re not into the site, it’s must not be for you. And that’s OK.


AI is a wonderful tool like most technology. The problem is what you do with that tool. We cannot trust companies to stop disinformation nor trust them with our data. It stands that we cannot trust them with their use of AI. There was hope that the World Wide Web would help bring humanity together. We’ve seen how that has gone. The same is true for AI. Companies want as much money as possible so if that means getting rid of workers to make even more money that’s what’s going to happen.

Because humans have made themselves god it only seems natural that we would make AI in our image. One way or the other, we will make AI our god or desire that we be god to AI.

Let’s Just Admit it: The Algorithms Are Broken

On the education industrial complex

I am not anti-intellectualism or anti-smart. But, I certainly don’t think that you need to have a college degree for a great career and life. It’s based on who you are.

What occupation would you like? Do you want to be a medical doctor? Go get a degree. Do you want to be a programmer? You probably don’t need a degree. It’s about who you are: entrepreneur, self-motivated, self-learner, willing to work just as hard as if getting a degree, working on your skills, learning creativity, etc. You can get the skill without the degree paper. But, there are some people who need help to make connections and need the structure. Great, college will help! Just know that there are multiple possibilities.

It’s marketed that you will make more money in your lifetime if you have a degree. Is that true? Wouldn’t that depend on what you want to do and the work you put into it? And if it’s true, so what? It all depends on what you want from life.

Because of those multiple paths, higher education institutions will need to evolve. Some have started and some will go out of business.

You need to pray to find the right path. Finding a school that cares for you as a whole person and doesn’t follow and teach evil ideologies is difficult.