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Recent Quotes

The broader you seek to make your offering, the more likely you are to run into people who don’t care, don’t get the joke or are simply not open to being satisfied.
— Seth Godin

What if my best days are the days I've left behind?
— Alessia Cara "Best Days"

What it means to assemble a group. What it means to see a problem. What it means to say we're going to do something creative is it means we're going to do something we can't prove is the right answer. We're going to do something that might not work. And that's why we need to do it together.
— Seth Godin

So the thing to do then is pray as much and as realistically and as authetically and as honestly as you can yourself. Not try to pray as if your were Saint Teresa of Ávila, or something, because you're not. But pray up to your own level. Meet your own capacity to pray. Don't be below it all the time. The time that has been given to us is purely and simply time to meet our own capacity to pray and to give God what we are capable of giving him.
— Thomas Merton

If someone tried to build an institution like college today, there’s no way it would be structured the way it is now. If you think about the rituals of most of these industries, they don’t make sense.
— Seth Godin