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Recent Quotes

Once you know you're in crisis then there is no room for self-deception.
— Bishop Robert Barron

The equivlant of plastic in the 21st century is data…But the greatest of all the issues, the environmental issues I think of the 21st century will be data. And the trashing up of our world, of our minds, and our environments.
— Andrew Keen

Having a job we love is a right and not a privilege. It's not for the choosen few.
— Simon Sinek

Trust can enable action but trust can't cause action…but it's also true that action causes trust…To create action, we as marketers have to bring tension to the table and our work is in bringing that tension to the table in a way that's welcome, in a way that's ethical, in a way that's effective.
— Seth Godin

Perfectionism and mediocrity are both the same thing. And what they are are places to hide.
— Seth Godin