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Because we have in ourselves this self-will which is of such a nature that when it resists the will of God it is in fact putting itself in a position where it would kill God if it could. This is the nature of self-will. Self-will, when it puts itself against the will of God, is actually putting itself against God Himself. And when a person clings to his own will to the point where he will completely deny the will of God he is actually saying that he would kill God if he could. That's what sin really means.
— Thomas Merton

A theologian without wisdom is useless.
— Thomas Merton

Everywhere in the world one has to pay for the right to live on one's naked spiritual reserves.
— Boris Pasternak

Curiosity and judgment can't coexist.
— Francesca Gino

The broader you seek to make your offering, the more likely you are to run into people who don’t care, don’t get the joke or are simply not open to being satisfied.
— Seth Godin