oh poopy!

//a maxCohen journal //


It's very quiet right now. It's a relaxing quiet; something that doesn't happen often. A time for writing. A time for praying. A time for thinking and remembering what life is about. Not a life of materialism, deceit, or war but freedom, calmness, spiritual importance, and sustaining a life of a Hobbit. A life for meditation and worship and not of the self.

Bitcoin Fate

A lot of talk lately about Bitcoin going to fail. Now I'm starting to wonder because it's too big and powerful to succeed. Governments and banks won't tollerate the competition because of the socialist captalism that exists.

That whole resolution thing

I've found new year's resolutions to be a waste. Resolutions should be done throught out the year when the need arises and call them what they are: goals. That said, my goal is to not be a back seat driver, TobyMac style. Why should you care? Supposedly you'll accomplish your goals if you share with others.

Thank God!

How sad I'd be without this day. I love you!